Web Based POS

While your company may be complex, your POS system need not be. Our web based POS software is packed with cutting-edge features to assist you in growing sales, managing inventory, delighting current customers, attract new customers, and increasing revenue by a larger margin, whether you’re managing a single location or multiple locations.

Benefits of Web Based POS

FBR Integration

By enabling tax submission verification and certifying that the business is FBR approved, our point-of-sale system is integrated with the FBR to provide customers with peace of mind and make it simple for owners and retailers to report sales for taxation purposes.

SMS Integration

You can stay in touch with your customers and communicate with them by sending them updates, new offers, promotions, and much more with the help of our system’s SMS integration. It enables you to send customers personalized messages.

Sales Module

Our POS comes with a sales module that enables you to monitor sales, look back at sales data, and access reports for a better understanding of profit, the quantity of orders received, the best-selling products, and information on cash, party, and credit card sales.

Inventory Module

With the help of our web-based POS, seamlessly manage stock across numerous locations. It enables you to manage your inventory, add/remove items based on what is in stock, and categorize products according to their brands, colors, sizes, and unit types.

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