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Tiksom has dedicated their time to sharing effective business strategies that help new businesses and entrepreneurs put their money to work in the right way.

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Primary color palette is: green, orange, dark grey, and light grey.

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Website Design

Tiksom is a rapidly growing IT services provider, but their website design was outdated and not up to industry standards. As a result, potential clients may perceive the company, not technologically advanced enough to meet their needs. Additionally, the website’s design is confusing and its messaging is unclear, which may cause potential clients to leave the site before fully understanding what Tiksom has to offer.

Problem Statement

Project Summary​

Old website has too much information, graphics, and text. Making it difficult to focus on what is important.

Responsive Design: The website should be optimized for mobile and tablet devices, as more and more people are accessing the internet on these devices.

Emphasis on Services: Tiksom’s services should be prominently displayed on the website, with detailed information on what they offer and how they can help businesses.

Testimonials and Case Studies: Testimonials from satisfied clients and case studies of successful projects can help build trust and demonstrate tiksom’s expertise.

The Outcome

Overall, a website redesign that focuses on user experience, clear messaging, and showcasing Tiksom’s services and strengths which helped company attract and retain more clients.

We provided:

A few examples of SMM banners usage include tinted photos and minimalistic typography with decorative elements.

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